THE ARTISAN OFTHE ACTIONS -  for professionals

THE ARTISAN OFTHE ACTIONS - for professionals

The Artisan of the Actions is a workshop on the actor's dramaturgy direc-ted by Pierangelo Pompa in collaboration with the actors of Altamira Studio Teater, open for professional and non-professional actors, dan-cers, directors and theatre students.

The workshop focuses on some artisanal principles of stage presence and on the narrative and poetic potentialities of physical and vocal actions. Physical training aims to awake the actor's attention and reac-tivity, to develop a specific quality of stage presence and to detect a technical language based upon some fundamental principles of the craft:

  • Physical actions: The smallest dynamic unit of stage behaviour (differences between movement and action; the vocal action as the extension of the physical action).
  • Segmentation into actions of a fragment of behaviour and synchronisation of physical and vocal impulses: The necessary premises for a dialogue through actions, music, songs and words.

The workshop proposes several improvisation techniques, based on a specific use of the text, of the space, of a prop, of a music, or starting from different kinds of technical tasks. The participants are led towards the creation of formalised patterns, which are the base for exploring other principles of the actor's dramaturgy: absorption and equivalence.

In its basic format the workshop consists of 6 hours of work per day for 6 days. A shorter version of the workshop can be elaborated in special cases. The maximum amount of participants is 12. Continuous presence is fundamen-tal. The working language can be English, Italian, Spanish, French or Danish.

The participants should bring a traditional or modern song and a short narrative or poetic text. Both the song and the text should be learnt perfectly by heart. Comfortable clothes are required for the training. It is also required to have an element of a costume (a jacket, scarf, hat, shoes etc.) and a prop that are inspired by the chosen text. Any musical instrument is warmly welcome.

Mail us or have a look at our calendar to find out when the workshop is held next.