THE THIRD DAY - Easter workshop

THE THIRD DAY - Easter workshop (Holstebro / March - April 2016)

A three week workshop on training and actor's dramaturgy led by Pierangelo Pompa in collaboration with the actors and the musicians of Altamira Studio Teater.

March 16th - April 5th, at Odin Teatret (Holstebro, Danmark)

THE THIRD DAY is a workshop on training and actor's dramaturgy directed by Pierangelo Pompa in collaboration with the actors and the musicians of Altamira Studio Teater, open for professional and non­professional actors, dancers, directors and theatre students. Altamira Studio Teater is thinking of the workshop also as an occasion for meeting possible collaborators for its future projects.
The workshop focuses on some artisanal principles of stage presence and on the narrative and poetic potentialities of physical and vocal actions.
Physical training will aim at a first level to awake the actor's attention and reactivity, to develop a specific quality of stage presence and to detect a technical language based upon some fundamental principles of the craft:

• Physical actions: The smallest dynamic units of stage behavior (differences between movement and action, action and impulse; the vocal action as the extension of the physical action).

• Segmentation: The technical process for recognizing the physical actions, or “segments”, in a scenic sequence or a fragment of daily behavior. Segmentation will be the premise for working consciously and creatively with composition and relationships, and build a formalized dialogue with partners, music, songs and words.

• Synchronisation of physical and vocal impulses. These principles will be explored through several improvisation techniques, based on a specific use of the text, of the space, of a prop, of a music, or starting from different kinds of technical tasks.

The participants will be led towards the research of patterns of intentions and associations, which will be structured in formalized scores. These scores will be the base for exploring further levels of the actor's dramaturgy and other principles of variation and improvisation. Various ways of creating and elaborating actor's materials will be explored.

Music will be a fundamental element of the work, both technically and creatively. Any kind of musical instrument or musical proposal is warmly welcome.

The theme of the workshop, coherently with the period of the year, will be Easter and the Christian Holy Week: Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as related in the traditional Christian texts and iconography, but also in any other artistic or literary source. The theme can be confronted from a secular or religious perspective, from different narrative, symbolic or iconographic points of view. Each participant will be asked to deal with the theme in a personal way, through the choice of a character visually inspired by traditional Christian iconography, for example a shepherd or Mary Magdalene, Barabbas or Pontius Pilate. The participants will have to know as much as possible about the history of this character, and bring a costume for it, together with the image that functioned as inspiration. The costume must be very simple but evocative.Participants will have to bring in addition a short text in their own language (5 lines maximum; perfectly learnt by heart) which they consider connected to their character. The text can come from Christian tradition, but also from other poetic and literature sources. The characters will be created through physical composition (postures, rhythms, dynamic qualities, etc.), and the use of costumes and props as organic extensions of the actor's body. Each character will unfold its own coherent motivated physical behavior and ways of relating with other characters and with the space, using narrative, visual, musical, biographical and other kinds of references as inspiration. The materials developed by the participants will be selected, elaborated and related to each other in the composition of small scenes or “tableaux”, underlining the creative tension between the dramaturgy of each single actor and the demands of a wider dramaturgy.
For the daily training comfortable clothes are required. Some working session might be done outdoors, depending on the weather.

During the workshop Altamira Studio Teater will present three of its performances:

The River – Dream of a Poet, with a practical demonstration of the creative process for the performance

The World in a Song

Style Exercises – theatrical variations around a sequence of Indian martial arts