THE EMPTY CHAIR (Children Take the Floor - A Future Ceremony 2014)

Directed by: Pierangelo Pompa and Mia Malene Wriedt (ungdompræst - Holstebro Kirke) with Holstebro Church: Priests, children chorus and young churchgoers (The Danish National Church), I Wayan Bawa (Balinese Induist priest) with Balinese children, Parvathy Baul (India, Baul “mystic minstrel”), Father Renato Kizito Sesana (Catholic priest and Combonian missionary) with The Koinonia Children Team from Nairobi's periphery of Kibera and Riruta (Kenya), Brazilian children from Ilé Omolú Foundation for music and dance for street children, Salvador (Candomblé tradition), Den Multikulturelle Forening (Holstebro), “Pulcinella” Valerio Apice (Teatro Laboratorio Isola di Confine) and Elena Floris (Odin Teatret), Banda di Spina (Italy), Paolo Comentale (Italy/Kenia) with puppets, The Mercurial Family (Debora Hunt, Puerto Rico; Francesca Palombo, Italy; Carolina Pizarro, Chile; Julia Varley (Odin Teatret), Iben Nagel Rasmussen and Elena Floris (Odin Teatret) and The Empty Chair.

Today cultures and traditions, ritual forms and artistic languages mix indiscriminately. Their clashes and meetings,together with suspicion and intolerance, generate a new kind of energy, giving new different names and shapes to the Ungraspable.
The chair in the centre is empty, yet inhabited by an invisible presence. Through the language of words, music, dance and silence, children take the floor, giving to the Word a new life, filling the chair with their longings and expressing their needs for dialogue with the Invisible. In this future ritual, young people celebrate the Invisible together, without losing their differences. The Empty Chair is an intercultural ceremony, with ex-pressions from different rituals and spiritual traditions from all over the world.