THE RIVER - Dream of a Poet

THE RIVER - Dream of a Poet

A coproduction Altamira Studio Teater / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Dramaturgy and directing: Pierangelo Pompa. Actors and musicians: Mbalou Arnould, Domenico Mannelli, Sara Moscardini, Alice Occhiali, Valerio Peroni, Barbara Tholozan. Music and sound: composed and played live by Altamira Studio Teater. Voice: Johannes Zois. Space, costumes and lights: Altamira Studio Teater. Texts: Rabindranath Tagore and quotations from other authors. Language: The performance can be played in Danish, English, French and Italian.

“On the river bank I fell asleep. I dreamed of a White Mother who was not able to give me birth. dreamed of a Black Mother who had lost me when I was just a child. I dreamed that I was no longer capable of closing my eyes, but not even to open them. A golden Angel pursued me to give me a caress. I dreamed the War and a crowd of women. The River was dry. My throat too. I was no longer capable of meeting the eyes of a child. If I looked in the mirror, I was much older than myself.”

The luminous illusions and the nightmarish visions of a poet. The creatures of his fantasy rebel against his control, to talk to him about himself. The contradictions of life explode in his hands and in front of his eyes. The river flows unabated. The archetypal figures of the dream whisper enigmatic words. Light and darkness, guilt and innocence are the poles of the travel of the poet into himself. “To mature towards childhood”: this is the Poet's destiny. Love is the initiatory experience that will lead him to recover his innocence. The sensual joy of a child will be the political answer to the evil in the world.

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