Barbara Tholozan (Actress and musician)

Barbara Tholozan was born in 1990 in France. She started to study violin and classical ballet at the age of six. She got her diploma at the conservatory of Aix en Provence in 2008. In 2010, after two years of studies in literature and philosophy at Louis-le-Grand, she integrates the theatre school Studio Muller in Paris. She meets there Thibaut Garçon, assistant of Maud Robart. From 2010 till 2014, she assists him in his research on the integration of the voice and the body through polyphonic songs and physical work. In march 2014, during a workshop at Odin Teatret, she meets Pierangelo Pompa. In September 2014, after having participated to the workshop led by him The Staggering Circus, she is invited to join the young company Altamira Studio Teater where she has been working since as an actress and musician, taking part in the performances The River - Dream of a Poet, By Heart - theatre concert for another time and The World in a Song, as well as many special projects.